US 295 Fayetteville, North Carolina

Project Description:  When the North Carolina Department of Transportation put the I-295 project on the “fast-track” they hired Land Acquisitions, Inc. to provide appraisal, appraisal review, acquisition services, relocation assistance services and closing services.  The projects 18 month time frame was extremely aggressive give the 116 parcels to be appraised and acquired along with 64 residential and business displacements. The types of relocation included a day care center along with numerous residences. 

The politically sensitive project is crucial to the local economy as well as national security.  I-295, when completed, will give Fort Bragg, the largest Military Installation in the US, direct access to the entire interstate system.  Dr. Jeannette M. Council, Chairman, Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, put it this way,”  The completion of I 295 in Fayetteville creates, economic expansion, opportunities, security and readiness . The completion of I 295 is integral to the growth of Fayetteville and the surrounding area. Rapid completion of the I-295 loop is necessary. The Fayetteville area must be poised to accommodate and capitalize on both the known and potential economic growth that will occur as a result of the relocation of FORSCOM and USARC to Fort Bragg. This area must also meet the growing security needs of the nation’s largest Army installation.  Without the I-295 corridor, Fayetteville and the surrounding region will not be able to properly accommodate the anticipated 40,000 persons that will move to the region.

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